Girls Electric Scooter should be stylish, bright, colourful, and lightweight easy to handle. These are the most important things you will need to consider.

Girls are not usually keen on tricks and stunts, therefore you can opt for lower end scooters at more affordable prices. Scooters that have less powerful motors like 120-200 Watts with lightweight steel tube frame build.

Razor scooters come in various fancy colours , such as pink, red and purple that will be ideal for girls.

>> Check Out These Fancy Girls Electric Scooter <<

My personal recommendations for girls electric scooter listed below:

Electric Scooter Model Pricing Rating Visit
Electric Scooter Model Pricing Rating Visit
E200 Low Learn more
E200S Low Learn more
E125 Very Low Learn more
E100 Very Low Learn more
E90 Very Low Learn more

What To Look For When Buying Girls Electric Scooter

Lightweight Frame Build

Girls prefer light Electric Scooters. They hate the ones that are too heavy to handle.

Yes, that’s right. Don’t make the mistake of buying a heavy electric scooter. The medium price range ones will do just fine for girls.

These scooters come with similar functionalities as the top end ones. The only difference is that the frames is lighter and probably less robust. but that’s ok. Girls tend to look after their toys better than boys.


Safety features are not optional. So never compromise

Manufacturers will always pitch their products as being the best and safest around. The truth is, you won’t know until you have tried it yourself.

So how do I know if there are safety issues with the product?

There is only one place to find out. Read customer reviews and scan for the low rating ones. People who are unhappy about the product safety will more likely add a bad review describing flaws with the product.

So do not forget to check for safety features of a Motorized Scooter.

Wide Standing Deck

Both feet on the deck side by side for comfortable riding

Wide standing nonskid decks are the ideal choice for girls. This makes the ride comfortable and keep them very stable on the standing deck. Unlike boys, who like too jump , kick and push, girls prefer the easy comfortable rides.

Optional Removable Seat For Girls Electric Scooter

Most seated Electric scooters are designed for girls

Having an optional detachable seat is always good. Sometimes you may just fancy the lazy ride. So just plug the seat in easily and enjoy the padded seat which I hear is very comfortable on the Razor and eZip scooters.

Girly Colours

Check the colour options availability and don’t forget to specify your colour, Toys R Us and other retailers give you the option to choose your colour where available.  In some cases it’s not available and that simply means the model is not available in several colours. Check the models listed in my table above, they are available in multiple colours.

These are my tips for choosing girls electric scooter. I hope it makes it easier for you to make a choice and buy the right ones at the best possible price. Go for branded ones like Razor and EeZip, they are the leading manufacturers of Motorized Scooters For Kids that are proven quality.