Find the most suitable electric scooters for children

Suitable Electric Scooters for children

What do most parents know about Electric Scooters for kids and Ride On toys?

To be honest, not much…

Yet, parents make the decisions on buying them.

Not knowing enough before you buy will give you headache such as:

  • Waste of money
  • Return or exchange dilemma
  • Unhappy kid

I’ll help you find the most suitable Electric Scooter for your child?

My buying guide makes it easy for you.

From the most intimidating technical aspects right down to choosing the right colour…

I will walk you through step-by-step.

Read my ultimate buying guide…

Let’s Start With The Best Sellers (Top 5)

Let’s take a look at the most popular Kids Electric and Ride On Scooters on

Why I’m showing you this?

Well, Best Sellers are always a good place to start.

Because, there are plenty of customer reviews. Good or bad, they help you decide.

razor e300 electric scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

The Number 1 Best Seller for Kids Scooters. This scooter provides great stability and comfort.

More Details

314+ Reviews

erover two wheels self balancing scooter

Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooter

Ideal for ages 14+. Safe max speed of 10Km/hr

More Details

240+ Reviews

lighting auto two wheels self balancing scooter

Lighting Auto Two-wheel Smart Self Balancing Scooter

Superfast battery charging, less than 1 hr. Travels at 10Km/hr Max.

More Details

13+ Reviews

razor e100 electric scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Cheap, affordable, and a safe electric scooter for younger kids.

More Details

1000+ Reviews

razor e200 electric scooter

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Loved by kids and parents as well. Makes a perfect gift !

More Details

298+ Reviews

More reviews, more deals, more discounts ! Click the link below to see the top 10.

Top 10 Best Electric Scooters For Kids


Why You Need A Thorough Buying Guide?

Electric Scooter For Kids Buying Guide

Dad! You bought the wrong electric scooter for me…

There is a huge market for kids electric scooters.

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Toys R Us UK
  • Smyths Toy Store & more…

You will be lost looking for the right electric scooter. If you are new to this market, it’s even worse. The technical specifications can be confusing. There is too much information to digest and too many influencing factors.

Everyone is out there to sell you, but does the products suit your needs or your child’s ability?

Here is a preview of what I will cover for you:

  • Your problems & concerns before buying
  • The benefits of electric scooters for kids
  • The options available to you
  • Best sellers
  • Key factors to consider
  • Choosing the right color – The psychology & science
  • The components
  • Price information
  • Safety & accessories
  • Age & weight considerations
  • Chain Driven or Belt Driven
  • Use as manual kick scooter
  • Eco-friendly
  • Laws & regulations
  • Cost of running
  • After care
  • Replacement parts
  • Shipping costs
  • Returns & Exchange
  • Warranty information
If you end up buying an inferior quality electric scooter, you will be putting your child’s safety at risk. Know about safety, rules & regulations, and components from reliable customer reviews. I did all the hard work for you.

Besides, electric scooters are not only for kids. You can use it too!

Let’s look at the common problems and concerns you face before buying an electric scooter …

Problems & Concerns When Buying Electric Scooters For Children

Problems & Concerns When Buying Electric Scooters For Children

List Of Problems & Concerns You (Parents) Face When Buying An Electric Scooter.

  • Safety for your children
  • On-time delivery for a surprise gift
  • Returns and exchange policy
  • Riding surface considerations
  • Uphill & downhills – how it affects your ride
  • Your child is too young for the recommended age
  • Buying replacement parts if something goes wrong
  • Laws & regulations about electric scooters in your local neighborhood
  • Best deals
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Buying extra battery as spare
  • Using electric scooters as a manual kick scooters
  • Carrying it on holidays

I understand a lot of these concerns. I have been there myself, digging on forums, doing my research and reading customer reviews to make sure I don’t buy a dud. The benefits will answer your concerns and problems. Read on to find out more …

Benefits Of Electric Scooters For Kids

Why walk when you can roll?

  • Exciting playtime: Kids enjoy their playtime more than ever. They learn to connect with more kids and have healthy social interactions.
  • Leave electronics behind: Kids play in fresh air. TV, computers, video games, and tablets have made our kids lazy. Ride-on toys encourage children to leave electronics behind and play in fresh air to stay healthy.
  • Fight obesity: Kids stay away from sedentary lifestyles and cut the risks of childhood obesity.
  • Good co-ordination: Electric scooters teach kids to balance themselves. It is important for growing kids to learn how to balance their bodies. Kids learn to engage their legs, while steering such toys. It makes them learn how to co-ordinate their legs, body and feet.
  • Bridge travel gaps: They help you and your children bridge the gaps that public transport leaves behind. Train station to home, home to train station.
  • Less carpooling for you: You get more free time. No more driving the little ones around for short distances. They will enjoy scooting for their little trips.
Make playtime exciting with an electric scooter

My playtime is more exciting with my scooter

Benefits are great, but what about the options?

A good place to start is to know who will use the scooter and how?

Who Uses Electric Scooters?

  • Kids from 3 Years and over
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Students on university campuses
  • Office workers for short commutes between train station to work or home
  • Parents – for short trips and park rides. I do that sometimes

How Can You And Your Children Use An Electric Scooter?

  • Go running as family. Kids can scoot along and make it fun
  • Attend after school activities
  • Spend 45 minutes outside everyday. Outdoor activities are healthy for kids
  • Bring it along on camping trips. Use it as an alternative to towing a vehicle
  • Moving around in the city is a pain. It provides a better & cheaper option
  • If school is just around the corner, kids can use it to go to school. Saves you on short driving trips. Less carpooling for you
  • If you attend college and your classes spread across different buildings, it is a good alternative to walking
  • Good for rides in the rural areas. An electric scooter can ride on grass, gravels and is good enough for off-road uses

Wow! That’s a lot of engaging outdoor activities for all. To help you get started, let’s look at the options.

What Options Are Available To You?

Electric scooters for kids buying options:

  • Transition scooters. Transition from manual to your first electric scooter
  • Stand up electric scooters
  • Electric scooters with seat (Removable & adjustable)
  • Kick-start motor – You have to kick and ride to start the motor
  • Throttle-start – Starts the engine straight-away by pressing the start button
  • Electric scooters with pneumatic tires – Tires that inflate with inner tubes
  • Electric scooters with solid rubber tires – polyurethane tires or flat free tires
  • Glow Electric Scooters – LED lights on the standing deck that lights up when you twist the throttle
  • Electric scooters with shock absorbers – suspension spring
  • Electric Scooters with retractable kickstand or without
  • 9 mph, 11 mph, 15 mph top speeds
  • Electric scooters for teenagers – more powerful 36 Volt models
  • Light, foldable and compact easyscoot scooters

Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Kick Electric Scooter

  • The child’s ability
  • Range or longest distance you plan to use it
  • Rider weight
  • Types of terrain you will be using it on
  • Portability needs
  • Your budget
  • Electric scooters with seats Vs no seats
  • Speed

The Child’s Ability

Consider the child's Weight & Height before buying an electric scooter

Consider the child’s Weight & Height before buying an electric scooter

First, you need to consider the child in question. Age, height, weight, agility and confidence level matters. Most people overlook these when they buy electric scooters.

If you ignore weight & height, you are buying the wrong electric scooter.

Although, scooters come with adjustable handlebars, you need to check if the rider can reach the lowest height. If the rider is tall, then make sure the electric scooter handle moves up to the correct height. Some electric scooters are lightweight and others can handle a lot of weight. Choose an electric scooter with the correct weight capacity.

Some kids lack confidence. Look for an electric scooter that gives more stability with a seat. Additionally, 3-wheel electric scooters are also good for starters.

Electric scooters for first timers are good for low-confidence kids. After a few years, you can upgrade.

Range & Distance

How far will your battery take you on a single charge?

Electric Scooters for kids have a standard range of 8 miles under ideal conditions (flat land, light rider). The range varies depending on the child’s weight, uphill climbing and outside temperature. The heavier the rider, the less range the scooter can cover.

More hills = the less range.

Plan your ride. Know what the terrain is like.

A dishonest calculation will leave you stranded mid-commute. You only get 45 minutes of riding time on the battery. So, if your battery runs out, there is always option of using it as a manual kick scooter.

Rider Weight

Consider maximum weight when buying electric scooters

Consider weight and the child’s ability

Riders under 250 lbs can ride any electric scooter available out there.

250 lbs+ riders have a limited choice. Only a few electric scooters for kids are available on the market for 250 lbs + weight capacity.

Electric scooters for kids are available with the following max weight capacities:

  • 120 lbs
  • 154 lbs
  • 180 lbs
  • 220 lbs
  • 250 lbs

You decide which capacity suits your needs.


Any scooter is capable of running on flat streets and roads. You can expect a bit of struggle on uphill with the average scooters though.

A 350 Watt electric motor is a fantastic hill climber. Look for electric scooters above 300 Watt motor capacity if you live in a hilly area.

Expect minimal vibrations when riding on rough terrains with wide pneumatic tires. They are smooth, awesome and good shock absorbers.

Electric Scooters For Kids Portability Needs

Hmmm... Do I need to carry my electric scooter around?

Hmmm… Do I need to carry my electric scooter around?

Do you need to carry your electric scooter around?

Electric Scooters are small, but some are heavier than others and not easy to fold. Weight ranges from 19.5 lbs all the way up to 98 lbs! Not everyone can carry scooters, especially kids. For some, a 46 lbs electric scooter up a 5-story walk up is easy. Others will struggle to carry a scooter for more than 5 steps.

You may also need to carry it in your car boot sometimes. Check the options available for easy folding. Most of them won’t fold, but the handlebar can be removed to make it compact.


What prices are you expected to pay?

  • Lowest End: $100 – $180
  • Medium Range: $180 – $300
  • Top Specs: $300 – $425

I won’t expect you to pay more than $300 for an electric scooter. That is way too high!

A reasonable budget price is $300. You will get a decent top spec electric scooter if you shop around, and look for the holiday deals and discounts.

If the rider weighs less than 150 lbs, and don’t usually ride for more than a 4 mile range, live in a flat area, a $300 scooter will do the job.

If the rider weighs over 250 lbs, you will need to consider a stronger model in the range of $400 – $500.

Electric Scooter With Seat Vs No Seat

Electric scooter with padded seat

Electric scooter with padded seat

Kids Electric Scooters with seat are more versatile. The seated models allow you to remove and adjust the seat as needed.

Boys prefer no seat electric scooters, while girls prefer the seated ones. Either way, it’s an added convenience. If you can’t handle long stand-up rides, then opt for a seated model.

There is no big difference in price for seated electric scooters. Seated scooters weigh heavier. This is the only thing you will have to consider.

The Razor E300 electric scooter comes with seated and no-seat versions. Be sure to check this one out!


Kids electric scooter speed

Kids electric scooter speed

Motorized scooters for kids vary in speed. The lower end scooters like the Razor E100 electric scooter reaches a top speed of 10 mph. Ideal for kids between 8 and 12 years old.

The top end scooters that have more power like the Razor scooters E300, E300s, E200, E200s, eZip E500, and eZip E450. They reach a top speed of 15 mph due to their engine power. Ideal for kids above the age of 12.

Lower speeds for younger kids, higher speeds for 12 years and above. This is a good safety strategy to consider.

Choose the right color – The Psychology & Science

What color electric scooter shall I buy for my children?

Find out more about colors available and how you should choose based on your kid’s personality.

Color Name Who It Suits
gray Gray For the intelligent & conservative kid
red Red For the very energetic ones
silver electric scooters Silver For the ones who like high-tech and the sleek looking gadgets
black electric scooters to buy Black For the ones who like being classy and formal
blue electric scooter to buy Blue For those who have a more loyal & masculine personality. Trustworthy, but sometimes cold and quiet
green electric scooter to buy Green For those with soothing personality & like being eco-friendly
pink electric scooter to buy Pink Ideally for girls. For those who are tender, caring and sensitive
white electric scooter to buy White For the innocent, pure & easy going kids
purple electric scooter to buy Purple For those who are a bit ambitious & moody

Now, that narrows down the color choice. No more guessing !

Aesthetics will have to follow up with good mechanical components. There’s no use having a pretty looking scooter that can’t perform! Components, the building blocks of an electric scooter need to be carefully examined. Take a look at the components below and how to assess them …

Quick Guide To Electric Scooter Components

Kids Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters For Kids Components Guide

What are the components and why you should know about them?

Here is the list of components:

  • Motor
  • Brakes
  • Standing Deck
  • Throttle
  • Steering Handlebar
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wheels & Tires

Each component is a deciding factor when you buy.

Knowing about them is important.

Knowing if the handlebar is high enough for the rider is important. If it’s too low, do you get an option for adjusting it up?

The standing deck is too narrow. You like both feet on the deck and hate touching the ground while riding. That’s another deciding factor.

You prefer tires that are airless. No pumping, no air tube replacement, no extra air pump to buy. But is it safe?

Solid rubber tires wear out and make the ride unstable. Read on to find out the details and recommendations about the main components.

Get answers from verified customers to help you make the right choice…


The number of Watts your electric scooter motor is, will determine how far and how fast you can go.

For lightweight riders, a motor with up to 200 Watts capacity will be just fine. For riders over 250 lbs weight, you have to get a scooter of 300 Watts and over.

Using a lower Watt motor for heavier riders will risk burning out the motor of the electric scooter.


Strong brakes will hold you well on downhill rides. Electric scooters work with handlebar brakes giving you more control. Since electric scooters travel faster than manual scooters, they need more advanced braking mechanism.

The brakes stop you from flipping over, even during emergency braking.

A handlebar operated brake together with foot brakes are ideal for better safety and control.

Standing Deck

What to look for?

  • Wide
  • Non-skid

A wide standing deck is perfect to place both your feet side by side for balance and comfort.

Electric scooters with low deck height, are good as they give a low center of gravity thus, a more stable feel. Standing decks also come in different materials. You will be looking for non-skid materials. These types ensure more safety as you will not slip during the ride.


The throttle is the hand grip control on the handlebar that allows you to set speed, start and control the scooter.

Types of Throttles for kids electric scooters

  • Twist-Grip Throttle
  • Variable-Speed Throttle
  • Push-button Throttle


This is a single speed throttle control with no indicator lights. You cannot change the speed of your scooter. You twist and go at a constant speed.

Variable Speed Throttle

As the name suggests, you can vary the speed of your scooter during the ride. Usually available on high-end electric scooters. Variable speed throttles also come with battery level indicators. You can check the remaining power in your battery.

With a variable speed feature, you stay in control of your ride. Slow it down and accelerate when you need to.

Push-Button Throttle

You have to manually ride up to 3 mph and then press the throttle button to engage the motor. The motor will not start from a standing position for safety reasons. This suits younger riders, who want to transition to electric scooters.

Steering Handlebar

Look for electric scooters with adjustable handlebars.

Benefits of having adjustable handlebars:

  • Kids can share the same scooter. Adjusting the height to suit.
  • As kids grow, the toy will not become redundant. They can still adjust and use.
  • You can also remove the handlebar. Adjustable handlebars are easy to take out. This gives you better options to carry it around i.e in the boot of your car.

Remember, the handlebar is the most important component that allows control. And control is safety.

So, make sure this feature is not ignored.

Rechargeable Battery

Kids electric scooters run for a continuous 45 minutes on a single charge at most.

Considering the battery is small and compact, this is not bad at all. Electric scooters for kids have easy removable batteries that sit right under the standing deck. You can plug it to charge anywhere.

Some parents bring it along to the office for charge when not used.

Types of batteries:

  • 12 Volt
  • 24 Volt
  • 36 Volt

12 Volt battery electric scooters for kids are suitable for riders from 4 – 7 years old.

24 Volt battery electric scooters for kids suit riders from 6 years and above.

36 Volt are for the daredevil teenagers, 12 and above.

Note: Quick note about electric scooters that ship with 2 batteries. You do not get one battery as extra. Both batteries power the electric scooter together. The dual battery model means 2 X 12 Volt batteries as the scooter requires 24 Volt to operate.

Wheels & Tires

The taller the wheels, the faster the electric scooter will go.

Tires go up to 100 mm high. But the taller tires are less manoeuvrable than shorter wheels. That’s the trade-off.

Smaller wheels suit stunt riders. They slide better and last longer. They don’t wear out as quick.

Harder wheels have less drag, thus, better for indoor activities. Do not buy electric scooters with hard wheels if you intend to use it outdoors.

Softer wheels are great for outdoor activities. They will keep you protected from the shocks on uneven surfaces. Yes, you need to inflate them, but inflatable pneumatic tires are the recommended standard to buy.


No one likes having flat tires. It takes all the fun out of scooting.

In an ideal world, scooter riders wish for flat-free tires. Although, they do exist, polyurethane solid flat-free tires come with disadvantages.

If you think flat-free tires are better, here is a list of important information for you:

  • Solid polyurethane tires create more noise
  • Solid flat-free tires do not absorb shocks
  • Solid flat-free polyurethane tires get loose over time and cause catastrophic wheel failures
  • Tubeless tires make your electric scooter heavier
  • You need to use a sealing rubber coating on the tires to protect them
  • They have less traction when turning corners and braking

Repairing a punctured tire takes less than 10 minutes.

Switching to tubeless solid tires won’t save you any hassle, they have their trade-offs as mentioned above. So, stick to the traditional air filled pneumatic tires. They provide better traction and are excellent shock absorbers.


Prices vary from $100 – $425.

The lowest price scooters have 12 Volt small engines, that suit kids under 8 years of age. Mid range models below $300 are 24 Volt scooters with better power and acceleration. More suitable for kids of 8 years and above.

The highest price range electric scooters are 36 Volts and above. Suitable for able teenagers who are experts. These scooters are solid, heavier and use more power.

Electric scooters for kids safety

Little kid with electric scooter for kids safety helmet

I have an electric scooter and I use a safety helmet

I see comments from parents complaining about the handlebar falling off, and loose screws. If you ride at full speed and one of these happen, it will cause an accident.

Important things to look for when considering safety:

  • How good is the handlebar? This is important as it controls and navigates the electric scooter.
  • Tight Drive Chain Mechanism
  • Efficient braking system, you can rely on when riding downhill.
  • Speed. Variable speed throttle mechanism. That will keep you in control.
  • Also, buy knee pads, elbow pads and a suitable helmet.

Riding electric scooters without safety gear is not recommended.

Safety Gear & Accessories

  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads

Age & Weight Considerations

Your Quick Guide To Age and Weight Compatibility

Age & Weight Table

This guide gives you a brief idea of the maximum weight an electric scooter can carry based on the age of child. This guide assists you in making the right choice. Weight and age are important factors parents have to consider for safety reasons.

For example: A scooter with a maximum weight capacity of 120 lbs is ideal for 8 years old kids. Bear in mind, the higher weight the scooter can carry, the heavier the scooter itself will be.

Chain Driven or Belt Driven ?

A chain driven electric scooter is the most reliable of the two systems.

Chains last longer than belts, but the trade-off is, they are a bit noisier. The chain noise is a good thing though as it warns people around you.

Belt drive is much quieter, but needs replacing more often. There is more maintenance work involved.

Using Your Electric Scooter As Manual Kick Scooter When It Runs Out Of Juice

Yes, you can ride your electric scooter as a manual kick scooter. It has a manual gear like bicycles. This prevents it from damaging the motor. It works just fine. Kids do it always, although they claim it is a bit heavier with the manual ride.


Electric scooters are far better for the environment than gas-powered old electric scooters. But that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Making and disposing of batteries causes pollution as well.

But batteries last for a good couple of years before you need to dispose. While gas emission happens everyday when you use a gas scooter.

The latest electric scooters for kids feature on Enviro Gadget. Enviro Gadget reviews Eco-Friendly gadgets and sustainable technologies.

Laws & Regulations

Laws and licence requirement vary in countries and states. But 12 V ands 24 V vehicles do not require any license. Unless your state has exceptions.

Here is a list of important information you should know:

  • No insurance, registration or license plates are required
  • Driver must wear a bicycle helme
  • Driver shall not operate motorized scooter in excesses of 15 mph
  • Driver shall not operate on public road with a speed limit of 25 mph or more, unless it is operated in a bike lane
  • Driver must operate in a designated bike lane when one is available
  • Driver shall not leave scooter on path or sidewalk
  • Driver shall not have passengers
  • Driver must have at least one hand on handlebars

Read: Electric scooters for kids local laws & regulations

Cost Of Running

$0.05 for a full 8 hrs charge

An electric scooter costs as low as $0.05 for a full 8 hrs charge. Read below how this cost is calculated based on a 12 Volt, 5 Amps battery …

12 volts x 5 Amp-hours / 1000W = 0.06 kWh (Assuming the battery loads 1000W)

8 hrs x 0.06 kWh = 0.48 kWh

In New York City, the cost per kWh varies on the provider, the user, and the time period. A good, round number that is close to the average is $0.10 per kWh. Let’s get back to our calculator:

$0.10 x 0.48 kWh = $0.048

This rounds up to $0.05 for 8 hours charge. Not A Lot Of Money !

After care – Looking After Your Electric Scooter

  • Always keep the electric scooter turned off when not in use. Leaving it on, will kill the batteries.
  • Low temperatures also kill the battery. Don’t keep it in the garage in cold winters.
  • Unlike your cell phone battery, you don’t want to completely drain and then recharge, doing so will kill the battery.
  • The less time the scooter spends with a depleted charge, the better and longer the batteries will perform.
  • Sluggish scooter? Check the brake line tension, loosen the brake line and see an increase in speed and stamina.

Buying Replacement Parts

Finding replacement parts online is easy. Rest assured that if anything goes wrong, help is always at hand. Here is a list of the parts retailers:



  • Amazon Prime does next day deliveries. Sign up is FREE for a trial period. So why not use that?
  • Amazon also does FREE Shipping on selected electric scooters for kids.
  • You scooter will ship anywhere if you pay the freight costs.
  • This website links you to your closest Amazon store to get you the best rate on shipping.

Returns & Exchange

Visit the Returns & Exchange Centre for Information, if you buy from Amazon

They provide full support and refund and their customer service is excellent.

  • You can return goods within 30 days of delivery
  • Refunds are done within 3-5 days after receiving your return
  • If you received damaged goods, Amazon will help you getting a replacement as soon as possible
  • You can return or replace gifts, if you are not happy with your purchase


Warranty on children Electric scooters offers a standard 90 days manufacturer’s warranty on electric scooters for kids.