Boys electric scooters are durable, strong, & powerful.

Boys are very adventurous and enjoy to ride on rough surfaces, perform stunts, cruise at maximum speeds and use their scooter for longer periods of time.

Considering these factors, you will need to find sturdy, solid and high performance electric scooters that suit their style of riding.

In this post, I will review a set of electric scooters that are ideal for boys.

I spent a lot of time reading customer reviews online to find out the most suitable electric scooter for my son and today I am going to share my buying experience with you.

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Boys Electric Scooters: Best Sellers

Electric Scooter Model Pricing Rating Visit
Electric Scooter Model Pricing Rating Visit
  E300 Medium
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  E300S Medium
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E200 Low
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E200S Low
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E125 Very Low
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eZip E500 High
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eZip E450 High
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Read on to find out why these electronic scooters are ideal for boys …

What To Look For When Buying Boys Electric Scooter?

Fast, Furious and Fun!


Don’t settle for anything less than 15 Mph

Boys Electric Scooter

Boys Electric Scooter

This is the first thing boys look for. From all the reviews I have read, it is very obvious parents go for the maximum speed models. The best boys electric scooter will reach a maximum speed of 15 Mph.

There are plenty of them around like Razor and eZip that will guarantee a top speed of 15 Mph.

Strong And Fat 10+ Inch Pneumatic tires

Strong Pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride even on the rough surfaces and are able to absorb shocks.

Unlike solid plastic tires that wear out over time, big pneumatic tires last longer and can be replaced easily. Some scooters some with alloy wheels and reinforced street slick tires.

The eZip E500 also comes with Tuff tire technology which makes them even better for rough riding.
Boys electric scooter with heavy duty tires like the eZip E500 is a perfect buy.

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

The top Electric Scooters come with 2 x rechargeable Lead Acid Batteries. Make sure you don’t miss out on the ones that offer the extra battery

Most top end Razor Electric Scooters ship with 2 batteries. It is very convening to have a spare battery as the batteries will only last for around 45 minutes. Having a spare means kids can play longer outdoors and avoid being disappointed.

eZip Electric Scooters on the other hand, utilises SLA rechargeable battery technology that adds more power to the scooter. The battery is also reinforced with 1.5 amps Electro-Drive charger. At 24 Volts of power, the eZip Scooters are a hit among boys for their incredible power.

Adjustable Handlebars

The steering handle should be adjustable to the height and arm length of the rider.

Adjustable Handlebar - Boys Electric Scooter

Adjustable Handlebar – Boys Electric Scooter

This is a very important feature to look for as kids vary in size and height. Being able to adjust the steering handlebar will make the ride comfortable and safe.

The steering handlebar allows the user to control the scooter. Without a solid and sturdy steering handlebar the rider can lose control and fall from the scooter. Read the product specifications carefully and scan through the customer reviews for any signs of trouble with handlebars that past customers may have had on the scooter you are looking to buy.

This will save you a lot of headache on maintenance issues.

Powerful Motor

Powerful engine for the thrill-seeking boys

If your kid is below the age of 8, then a 120-Watt motor that can run up to 12 miles per hour is sufficient.

For kids over 8 years of age, you can look into 24V 300 Watt motors. High Torque Motors can offer variable speeds of up to 15mph and will run very well on the slopes.

Boys Electric Scooter - Boys Scooters Age 9

Boys Electric Scooter – Boys Scooters Age 9

Noisy motors is one of the main complaint I read from customers. Look for the super quiet chain driven motors if possible. Most products will definitely have this on the list of specifications.

Again, I will advise you to trust customer reviews before buying.


Dual rear brakes is a no brainer. 

I have read concerns from customers about electric scooters with weak brakes when running downhill. You need to be careful when looking at braking mechanisms. A weak braking system can put your kid in danger. It is an important safety feature that you need to review carefully.

Although most scooters come with hand-operated brakes on the handlebar, some also provide extra braking at the back and  potentially additional foot braking like the eZip scooters.

Robust Steel Frame Construction

High quality steel tubing that can support heavy weights and last long

Electric Scooters Cheap

Boys Electric Scooter – Robust Frame

The frame construction of the scooter must be of very high quality to support rough rides.

Compared to girls electric scooters that are more light and stylish, boys need tough, sturdy and solid scooter frames.

With a solid and sturdy frame, there is less risk of damage and accidents. Electric Scooters for kids above the age of 8 are designed with this in mid and most now come with high quality steel manufacturing.

They are simple factors that most parents are probably unaware of. With helpful information pointing you in the right direction, you should be able to make a more informed decision now and hopefully get a decent deal on a product that your kid will enjoy for years.

Buying boys electric scooter is easy as long as you keep these important tips in mind.